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Our Brand

The Q ENERGY brand represents Holistic Quality.

In terms of energy generation or energy usage with sustainable, green solutions – and in the entire range of renewable energy production. 

As fully integrated provider of green energy solutions, we work at eye level and based on trust, we’re always approachable and human – thanks to professional employees, great clients and partners, both globally and locally.


Core Value and Brand Values

Our core value Holistic Quality is complemented by the following assets and attributes to describe the different dimensions of Q ENERGY as a brand:



We strive for holistic quality – in whatever we do as Q ENERGY. Be it in products and services, be it regarding the sustainability and innovative strength of our company and our solutions, or in day-to-day collaboration with our customers, partners, and colleagues.    

Our core brand value and the additional brand assets and attributes define who we are, what we represent and how Q ENERGY is different from other brands. Summarized and condensed, this leads to four essential brand values: green, innovative, trusted, human.    



We are committed to protect our environment, by enabling a green and clean economy and society – through sustainable energy solutions designed by nature. 



We shape a new energy era, as fully integrated provider. Our experience, creativity and expertise make tomorrow’s innovations happen today – across the entire range of renewable energies.



We serve as partner on eye-level, for global industries, investors, cities and local communities – with more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy business.



We focus on human values and think as partners, for long-lasting relationships; with holistic and sustainable solutions that create benefits for everyone.



Q ENERGY is Europe’s green provider of renewable energy solutions for all future-ready and eco-conscious clients – a trustworthy partner for investors and project developers, cities and communities.