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Agrivoltaics: A win-win for farmers

As a farmer, ​combating​ the challenges of climate change​ is crucial​. How can you protect your fields from ​weather extremes​ ​and ensure ​your harvests​ thrive​?  

​​Q ENERGY ​presents​ ​two innovative ​cooperation​ opportunities for farmers​. ​The first​ is agrivoltaics,​ a cutting-edge approach blending solar energy with agriculture. ​​T​he ​second option involve​s leasing of​​ underutilized land for the construction of renewable energy power plants. This may be either a solar solution, an ​​onshore wind energy project or a hybrid solution in combination with a ​battery energy storage system (BESS).

​​​Agrivoltaics: Harnessing the sun for more than just energy​​​​

Under ​optimal​ conditions, ​agrivoltaics can enhance ​the​ crop​ cultivation while at the same time producing clean solar ​energy​​. This method offers significant ​economic and environmental benefits, ​particularly​ in ​regions​ ​hard-hit ​by climate change. 

​​Agrivoltaics ​combines​ solar ​energy generation​ with agriculture​ practice​, ​allowing​ for crop​ growth, grazing, and native habitats ​beneath​ and between solar systems. ​This​ synergy with your ​farmland​​ makes​ ​agrivoltaics an effective strategy for​ adapt​ing​ to climate change. ​​​ 

​​​With agrivoltaics, y​ou can create ​a versatile​ area​ for​ animal breeding, agricultural production and energy generation. In addition, you are armed against increasingly frequent climate fluctuations and receive an annual rent that helps to support your farm. In addition to these financial advantages, the temporary use of your land as a solar park is also good for the ecological recovery of your farmland. Living creatures in need of protection also benefit, as the fencing of the area creates a small biotope of its own - thus supporting and promoting the biodiversity of the region.​​​ 


​Political backing for agrivoltaics in Europe​

Political support for agrivoltaics is rising across Europe: France, Italy and Germany are only three of many countries, which see the multiple advantages of solar systems on farmland: no additional areas are needed, the systems unfold positive effects for farmers and accelerate the energy transition. That´s why they have included agrivoltaics into their renewable energy expansion strategies. Now is the time to think about getting future-ready with a solar system on your farmland, be it as an agrivoltaic solution or as a ground-mounted solar power plant.

Are you ready to enhance your farm's productivity or utilize idle land to contribute to the energy transition?​

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