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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind farms – clean energy from the sea

Offshore wind farms, both bottom-fixed and floating, are a key sector for accelerating the energy transition in Europe. ​The role of ​offshore wind energy​ in​​ producing green hydrogen on a large scale ​will be indispensable. This is only one of the reasons why offshore wind is an important​​ business segment for Q ENERGY.​ With France as our most important market to date, we are committed to expanding our offshore wind activities to further European countries and aim to play our part in the development and installation of further offshore wind parks over the coming years.


An experienced player in offshore wind

​Since 2003, ​Q ENERGY has been ​a pioneering player​ in the French offshore wind sector. ​Our collaboration​ with Ailes Marines​ led to winning​ the tender for the first French offshore wind farm outside the Bay of Saint Brieuc in 2012​, which marks a significant milestone in our offshore wind journey.​ ​Featuring​ 62 wind turbines with a total capacity of 496 MW​, this project showcases our capability in developing large-scale wind farms​. However, our journey did not end with the sale of our stake in the project in 2020.

Océole: an alliance for offshore wind in France

In 2021, Q ENERGY France ​embarked on a strategic alliance​ with Equinor, ​a global​ lead​er​ ​in ​develop​ing​ floating wind​ farm​ projects, to form the Océole partnership​. This collaboration​ is dedicated to the development of offshore wind in France with a special focus on participating in tenders for French floating wind farms. Our partnership is furthermore supported by the renewable energy financial advisory firm Green Giraffe and is already pre-qualified for three more French offshore wind tenders with a total volume of 1.75 GW.

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Next steps on our offshore wind journey

France is our core market in offshore wind. From here we will continue our ​journey into other European markets. Leveraging our ​experiences and know-how ​from the French projects, we aim ​to participate in further tenders for both, bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind farms in Europe over the coming years.

Partner of Hanwha Ocean​ in the offshore wind farms sector​

Q ENERGY is an affiliate of Korea's seventh largest company, Hanwha Group. As part of this strong family, we are also partners with one of the world's largest shipbuilding companies - Hanwha Ocean. A connection that is unique in the offshore market. 

Today, there are only a limited number of specialised wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) in the world. Therefore, WTIVs are a crucial and valuable factor in the development of offshore wind energy. Hanwha Ocean is an expert in the design and construction of special purpose vessels, including offshore wind installation vessels. Q ENERGY on the other hand brings development and project management experience. Potential synergies with Hanwha Ocean, but also with relevant external players in the offshore sector, therefore, play a key role in Q ENERGY's vision in the offshore wind market.

Our holistic approach

An offshore wind farm is not just about generating clean energy. It is about cooperation between different partners and stakeholders to manage complex tasks and constellations. That is why Q ENERGY puts great emphasis on early partnerships and the creation of synergies. Through open dialogue, we aim to develop projects that address local concerns and respect the environment and maritime activities. By working closely with regulators, industry players, EPCI, shipping and finance, we can reshape the European energy landscape and add value to the continent.

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