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Onshore Wind

Onshore wind farms – tailwind for the energy transition

​As a leading player in the French wind industry, Q ENERGY covers the entire value chain of onshore wind projects. With more than 20 years of experience in France, Q ENERGY is ​now expanding​ its ​expertise to plan its ​first onshore wind farms in Germany, Spain, and Portugal. ​This expansion signifies our commitment to give the European energy transition a tailwind.


Holistic solutions for onshore wind farms through sustainable local partnerships

At Q ENERGY, ​our approach in developing onshore wind farms is to be a holistic partner, striving for solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved in these projects​. ​We firmly believe that cooperation is key to advancing Europe's energy transition, especially in the realm of onshore wind farms.​ ​Our commitment to sustainable local partnerships in the onshore wind sector underscores our dedication to both community engagement and environmental sustainability.

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Innovative hybrid projects

To ​guarantee an uninterrupted​ supply of green electricity, Q ENERGY ​strategically combines​ battery energy storage systems with its wind projects whenever possible. ​This hybrid approach ensures that excess energy generated our wind turbines is efficiently stored for later use, aligning energy supply with demand fluctuations throughout the day. ​​By coupling onshore wind farms with storage solutions, we effectively​ decouple the production of green electricity from its delivery to the grid. Fluctuations by changing wind speeds can be smoothed out, thus helping to stabilise the grid.

Our services​ for onshore wind farms

The construction of onshore wind farms requires extensive planning skills and in-depth technical and commercial expertise. ​At Q ENERGY, our teams proficiently manage ​​a​ll technical, regulatory, and environmental aspects of the wind farm lifecycle. We ​are dedicated to covering​ the entire value chain of ​onshore ​wind ​farm ​projects,​ encompassing site selection, construction, operation, and even the ​repowering of aged renewable energy facilities​.​ This comprehensive approach ensures that each onshore wind farm we develop meets the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability.

Starting with site identification…

To identify the best locations for new onshore wind projects, we use state-of-the-art tools developed in-house, as well as meteorological and cartographic analysis. Our teams keep an eye on all the important issues and regulations - such as minimum distances from existing residential areas, traffic routes, access roads or possible grid feed-in. 

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Followed by environmental and landscape studies and a transparent consultation process...

Together with independent experts, we analyse the impact of the planned onshore wind farms on the environment, on biodiversity and on the landscape, and we tailor our concept precisely to this. We actively address issues of nature and species conservation, as well as noise and shadow casting, in an ongoing dialogue with local communities and stakeholders. 

As part of this, our teams personally attend local meetings with landowners, political representatives and residents affected by the site of the future onshore wind farm. This ensures a transparent consultation and planning process. It also ensures that local stakeholders are involved in the development of onshore wind projects and in obtaining the necessary permits.

Up to the construction phase...

The feasibility of a wind farm requires a thorough civil and electrical engineering analysis. Our dedicated engineering and construction team considers all aspects of the entire construction phase, such as minimum distances from existing residential areas, traffic routes, access roads or the subsequent grid connection. 

These steps, which last several months, require smooth logistics and coordination. Our team is on-site during the entire construction period to supervise the work, erect the onshore wind turbines and commission them.

And finally, operations:

We manage onshore wind farms from commissioning to dismantling or even ​​repowering. We coordinate the smooth running of operations and maintenance activities, as well as the verification of all safety requirements.  

We also conclude power purchase agreements (PPAs) with some of our customers to cover their individual energy needs.

Project references:

Haute Marne, France 

Capacity: 25 MW

Completion: 2024

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Capacity: 9 MW

Completion: 2022

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Capacity: 9 MW

Completion: 2023

Hauts-de-France, France

Capacity: 12 MW

Completion: 2017

Burgund, France

Capacity: 54 MW

Completion:  2016

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Capacity: 12 MW

Completion: 2008

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