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Who we are

360° ​renewable​​ energy​ company

Q ENERGY is Europe’s 360° ​green​ energy ​company​. We develop, build, and manage ​renewable​ energy assets as a trusted partner of clients across the entire value chain of large-scale ​renewable​ energy projects – from solar, to onshore wind and offshore wind, to energy storage and hybrid power plants, all the way to the planned entry into green hydrogen projects.

Q ENERGY runs an active development pipeline of more than 15 GW of renewable energy projects across​ key European regions, including​ Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and the UK. Our ​business portfolio spans from ​solar power plants to ​onshore wind farms and ​​offshore wind projects, to ​battery energy storage solutions and ​green ​hybrid power plants utilizing a combination of technologies. In future, we will also engage in ​green hydrogen projects.

Building on more than 20 years of experience, Q ENERGY works along the whole value chain of renewable energy projects – from development, to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), to operation & maintenance (O&M), to investment & transactions. Asset management and independent power production are also options we are looking into from project to project. We aim to build successful relationships and create mutual value together with our partners: landowners and communities, administrations and regulators, developers and sub-contractors as well as investors and partners in the energy industry.

In a nutshell: Q ENERGY is ​your​ 360° ​partner for high-quality renewable energy projects in Europe.

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Active markets across Europe
Running offices across Europe, including our headquarters in Berlin

Building Strong Bonds: Q ENERGY's unified family​

Q ENERGY is headquartered in Berlin and runs offices in Madrid, Avignon and Paris, ​complemented by ​several local agencies across France. While operating as one company and one team, Q ENERGY is legally ​structured as​ a Holding Company (Q ENERGY Solutions SE) and two subsidiaries (Q ENERGY Europe GmbH and Q ENERGY France SAS). ​Operating in alignment with our company purpose and embracing the essence of our fresh brand​​​​​, our international and growing Q ENERGY team of more than 450 employees across 7 countries is working closely together with our partners to drive the European energy transition forward.  

​​Q ENERGY’S direct mother company is ​Hanwha Solutions Corporation. The Korean top-tier enterprise provides sustainable solutions from energy to materials and is the flagship enterprise of ​Hanwha Group, leading the group’s transition to become a complete provider of sustainable solutions as well as a relevant global renewable energy company. As a member of Hanwha Group, Q ENERGY benefits from the synergy potentials of South Koreas 7th largest industry conglomerate​.​ ​B​acked by the financial strength of a global Fortune 500 enterprise​, Q ENERGY is well-positioned to drive innovation and sustainability​.

Driving the European energy transition

Q ENERGY actively develops a green energy project portfolio, ​exceeding​​ 15 GW across 7 European markets​. This comprehensive portfolio encompasses solar energy, ​onshore wind farms, offshore wind parks (in France), and ​cutting-edge battery energy storage systems. As European societies deploy more and more renewable energy, these green technologies must increasingly complement each other in order to cover baseload requirements. Therefore, Q ENERGY ​takes a proactive approach by ​engag​ing​​​ in hybrid green energy development and hybridization of existing projects, which then combine solar and or wind energy with battery storage solutions.  

Our ​diverse​​​ green energy projects are in various development stages from greenfield development, to permitting, to ready-to-build, all the way to under construction. While Q ENERGY has already successfully developed offshore wind farms in France, the company is now also looking into potential offshore wind business opportunities in other European markets, and also plans to participate in green hydrogen projects going forward. In tapping into these fields, Q ENERGY benefits from the synergy potentials within Hanwha Group. In the offshore wind sector for example, Q ENERGY is investigating a cooperation with its related company Hanwha Ocean, a top-three global shipbuilder who is developing and building next-generation wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV).

ESG Management in line with our purpose

While deploying our growth strategy in the European renewable energy landscape, we never lose sight of why we are in this business: Q ENERGY aims to “empower a sustainable world with green energy”. Our company purpose sets the long-term vision for our actions, but what counts is what we do today. That’s why we actively manage the ​environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects of our company in our ESG program.


​​From a r​ich history ​to​ a ​radiant​ future​. Q ENERGY's dynamic evolution​

In late 2021, Hanwha Solutions ​orchestrated a pivotal moment​ ​by deciding to merge ​the experience and expertise of two successful companies in the European renewable energy downstream sector. Q ENERGY group​ was​ officially launched on 1 July 2022, dedicated to drive the European energy transition forward along the entire value chain of renewable energy projects. 

Q ENERGY combines the strength of the former French business of RES-Group (acquired by Hanwha Solutions in 2021), now Q ENERGY France, with the know-how of the previously separate unit “Green Energy Solutions” under the solar pioneer Qcells*. Together they encompass more than 20 years of experience in solar, wind (onshore and offshore), energy storage development and construction. Together with its sister company Qcells, Q ENERGY forms the energy division of its joint parent company Hanwha Solutions Corporation.  

Building on its rich heritage and backed by a strong group, Q ENERGY is building its team in Europe as well as its business portfolio across renewable energy technologies and projects.

* Qcells is a pioneer in solar photovoltaic technology and a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of state-of-the-art solar energy systems and solutions for private and commercial customers.