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Empowering Municipalities​: ​​Transforming communities with renewable energy projects​​

A renewable energy project for a municipality is not just a project to produce clean, green energy, but a true community project and an interplay of multiple stakeholders and complex local circumstances. Your community can make a significant contribution to Europe’s energy independence. Renewable energy projects are about bringing together all local stakeholders at an early stage and working to create new synergies right from the start. That is why a clear vision, a holistic approach and the right partner are essential for their success.


​​Collaborative and sustainable development

At Q ENERGY, we strive for projects that are sustainably successful and create mutual value for all stakeholders. Together with you, we develop projects, that are in line with the political vision of local actors and fit into the strategic direction of your community. We see ourselves as a sustainable and long-term partner for local stakeholders – communities and authorities as well as private landowners, interest groups and citizens.

​​​Building trust through collaboration​​

Trust is key for us, which is why openness and a cooperative approach are important values in our work. Another very important criterion for our cooperation with municipalities is the creation of real win-win opportunities. We support you in making your community future-ready. With Q ENERGY you can significantly reduce your community´s carbon footprint and actively contribute to the energy transition. With us, your community can benefit economically, e.g. through infrastructural measures, taxes, and leasing rates.

​​​Transparent communication and proven expertise​​

Q ENERGY actively communicates with locals, citizens´ initiatives and other stakeholders. We always ensure full transparency regarding the planning and realization of our projects, and we build trust by establishing long-term relationships. You can trust in our vast experience and proven track record of successfully realized projects!