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Turn your Land into a Profit Center

For the construction of solar and wind parks, as well as for hybrid renewable energy power plants and energy storage solutions, we are continuously looking for suitable land areas throughout Europe. As a landowner, you can make an active contribution to the energy transition through a partnership with Q ENERGY, and significantly reduce your ecological footprint. Unlock the potential of your land now for a sustainable and profitable future and profit from attractive lease income! Explore our land leasing tool to discover the green energy project possibilities for your land.

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​​​Increase your property's value by leasing it out for renewable energy projects​​​​​

Solar solutions​ as well as wind power plants and battery energy storage systems (BESS)​ ensure reliable and sustainable production of green electricity. ​By leasing out land for solar projects or wind farm construction, you become a vital part of Europe’s energy transition and enhance your land’s value​. Our lease agreements ​offer attractive​ financial benefits​, ensuring mutual gains​.


​​​Tailored lease agreements and continuous support​​

​In a continuous dialogue, we ​strive to align our ​goals ​with yours, customizing the solar lease project to meet​ individual requirements. ​​​​Q ENERGY conducts detailed ​feasibility studies to assess the suitability and potential profitability of your ​land​​, focusing on potential profitability​. We respond to your wishes and needs and explain the entire project planning and procedure to you in detail. Most importantly, we remain at your side during all the project phases – from development to construction, to operations.

​Expert site assessment for renewable energy project leases

We use innovative, internally developed methods as well as meteorological and cartographic analyses to identify ​the feasibility of your land for renewable energy projects​. ​We consider​ nature conservation and geographical aspects in our site assessments. Suitable sites also include arable land that is agriculturally disadvantaged, former military areas or green spaces along motorways or railway lines.

​​Agrivoltaic Solutions: win-win for your cultivation area​​

For farmers, we also offer ​​agrivoltaic solutions which combine agricultural use with energy production and thus make the most of your agricultural land. ​This innovative approach allows for continued agricultural use while also participating in leasing land for a solar farm, adapting effectively to climate change impacts.​

​​​Transparent planning and local stakeholder engagement​​

​We commit to a transparent planning process, involving all stakeholders from the early stages of solar farm leasing. ​We analyse the impact of the planned project on the environment and biodiversity in a specific area and tailor our approach to the individual conditions on site. Our project managers participate in local meetings with landowners, policy representatives and residents/stakeholders. In this way, we ensure a transparent consultation and planning process and guarantee the participation of local stakeholders in the development of the project as well as the necessary approval procedures.

​​Comprehensive management of renewable energy projects​​

​​​With Q ENERGY, you benefit from our extensive expertise in the design, procurement, and construction of renewable energy power plants. Specializing in leasing land for solar and wind farms, our team is dedicated to supervising all project phases – from development to construction, and through to operations. We ensure meticulous management of every detail, including a proper and safe grid connection, as well as overseeing installation and commissioning.​​

​​​For the duration of the land lease, our team remains actively involved to ensure efficient operation and maintenance, and we offer technical and commercial management if required. After the lease period concludes, Q ENERGY ensures the complete restoration of your land to its original condition, upholding our commitment to sustainable development and respect for landowner property.​​