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Our Purpose & Values

As a green energy company​​​, we are driven by a powerful purpose: Empower a sustainable world with green energy.

This purpose is not just a lofty statement; it's a guiding principle that underlays every aspect of our work and our existence as a​​​ green energy​ organization. We firmly believe that our commitment to this purpose is essential in addressing the pressing challenges of our time, from climate change to resource conservation and beyond.


What we do to achieve our purpose

  • Develop, Build, and Manage Green Energy Assets

    As a​​​ dedicated ​green energy company, we ​​​ relentless​ly​ pursu​e​​​​​ large scale green energy solutions. Whether it's harnessing the power of the sun, the wind on land and on sea, safely storing green energy in battery systems or engaging in hydrogen projects – our company is committed to delivering holistic quality along the entire value chain of green energy projects. That’s why we engage in the development, in engineering, procurement & construction as well as in operation and maintenance as well as in asset management of projects which help reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Consistently Innovate to Drive the Energy Transition

    We understand that the transition to a sustainable future requires constant innovation. We are driven to be at the forefront of technological advances and process improvements, which help to accelerate the energy transition toward a cleaner and more sustainable world. We also constantly challenge ourselves to find even better business models which add value for our partners and employees as well as for our company and the society as a whole.
  • Create Mutual Value by Fostering Successful Relationships

    We firmly believe in the idea of shared success. We recognize that to truly empower a sustainable world, we need to collaborate, co-create, and build lasting relationships with our employees, our partners, and clients, as well as with communities and the society as a whole. We are dedicated to creating value that extends beyond our organization, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Our Corporate Values

In 2023 we embarked on a journey to co-create our core values together with our employees. These values form the behavioral fundament on which we aim to develop Q ENERGY further in the coming years. Our core values are the compass that guides our actions. They define how we aspire to become as a ​green energy supplier​​​ and express the principles we pledge to uphold:


We push ourselves to drive progress, seize opportunities to learn, grow, and find proactive solutions to our challenges.


We build trust and are honest with everyone we work with and collaborate to achieve more together. 


We treat each other with respect, seek out different perspectives, and see our diversity as a strength.  


We take pride in what we do, back our words with action, and work hard to create positive impact for people, the planet, and our business.

Involving people to co-create

Our values have been created in a dynamic and inclusive process including interviews, surveys, share-back-sessions, and Leadership trainings. As central pillars of co-creation, they were driven by three on-site workshops in our most important markets. In a participatory approach, we brought together diverse employee groups in order to hear as many voices as possible. This process ensured that we would not only shed light on the positive sides but would also identify challenges and outline ways to overcome them. Next to bringing our people together and creating new connections across countries, cultures and organizational units, the process of jointly discussing how we would like to cooperate with one another and with our stakeholders ensured that our corporate values would truly reflect the spirit of Q ENERGY.

In conclusion, our company's purpose and values ​as a green energy supplier ​are not just words on paper; they are the foundation upon which we contribute to a more livable future. We are resolute in our commitment to empower a sustainable world with green energy and believe that our values are the keys to unlocking this future. As changemakers and partners, we are responsible for making a difference and for contributing to a greener, cleaner, and more inclusive world for generations to come.