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Wind farm repowering: same site – more power!

Q ENERGY has been​ a pioneer in​ developing ​onshore wind farms since 1999. Nowadays, many of the earlier windfarms ​surpass 20 years of operation. While they ​reach the end of their commercial lifespan and turbines no longer meet today’s performance standards, the decommissioning of the old turbines does not necessarily mean the end of the wind farm.  

​​​For outdated onshore wind farms, we consider three primary strategies:​ prolonging their life through intensive maintenance, decommissioning, or repowering. Repowering​ is a focus area for Q ENERGY, as it is an opportunity to increasing wind energy production at top-notch locations without having to occupy new land areas.​ ​This process involves​ replacing ​older ​wind turbines with newer, more advanced models​,​ ​significantly boosting ​performance and energy ​production​​. Our commitment to repowering has established Q ENERGY as one of the leaders in this field in France.​

turbines repowered
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As pioneers of repowering, we pay particular attention to cultivating and sharing our expertise by publishing studies, writing articles and organising conferences. We are also delighted to be leading a cross-industry working group dedicated to the development of this activity within France Renouvelables.

With this in mind, we have been publishing our Repowering Guide every autumn since 2021. This tool, which is accessible to all, will help you to discover repowering, its particularities, news and challenges.

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Repowering of Souleilla-Corbières wind farm

Q ENERGY began working on wind farm renewals in 2016, with the repowering of Souleilla-Corbières, the first wind farm developed and built by Q ENERGY in 1999.


wind turbines 


24 MW


+ 15% 

80 m

total height


71 GWh

/year produced

+ 18% 


Located in a Météo France radar protection zone, which restricts the configuration and dimensions of the 16 wind turbines in the park, Q ENERGY has opted for an "identical" renewal, i.e. with no change in dimensions but with a request for an increase in capacity to 24 MW compared with the previous 20.8 MW. This change leads to an increase in annual production of almost 20 % (11.5 GWh/year). 

After just three months of appraisal, the repowering project was officially approved by the authorities in early 2018. Cleared of all appeals and winner of a CRE call for tenders at the end of 2019, Q ENERGY began the dismantling phase in summer 2022. About a year later, the repowering was completed. Since October 2023, the wind farm is officially back in operation.

Sustainable repowering: ​The Q ENERGY ​approach

​​At Q ENERGY, ​repowering our onshore wind farms in France​ is conducted with a strong commitment to​ the principles of the circular economy. ​A remarkable ​99.4% of components are either recycled or reused at the end of their operational life​,​​ exemplifying our dedication to environmental sustainability during the repowering process.​ 

​​While repowering ​the Souleilla-Corbières wind farm​, we achieved 100% recycling and reuse of the steel components​. Some parts of the wind turbines were sold as spare parts, some of the rotor blades were donated to a local artist and the rest were sold to create innovative furniture. The old foundations have not gone to waste either. Around one-third of the concrete was reused in the foundations of the new wind farm, while the remaining portion has been repurposed by a local construction company for an industrial platform construction project.

Gérard LUCIEN, Mayor of Treilles

"New-generation wind turbines that benefit from the latest technological advances will replace the current wind turbines at the end of their service life, thereby ensuring better electricity production. This will enable the site to make a more effective contribution to national targets for renewable energy production. For our municipality, the repowering will enable us to maintain a certain level of financial comfort, thereby contributing to the "good life in Treilles" through investments that are always geared towards its population, all generations included."

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