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BESS - Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery energy storage solutions for Europe's green future

​​Europe's energy mix is ​​​undergoing a remarkable transformation, marked by the increasing prevalence of solar plants and wind farms.​​​ ​At Q ENERGY, our daily mission is to contribute to this greener and more sustainable landscape​​. ​However, we recognize the inherent challenges when​​ wind stops blowing and clouds are hiding the sun​.​​ This is where our cutting-edge battery energy storage solutions come into play.​​ 

​​Our​ battery energy storage systems (BESS)​ provide the optimal answer to intermittent energy production​.​ ​By absorbing excess energy generated during periods of high production, BESS enable a smoother and more reliable integration of renewable energy into the grid, steadily reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Q ENERGY is therefore continuously working on complementing existing solar power plants and onshore wind farms with battery energy storage systems and the consequent hybridisation of future green power plants.

BESS projects across Europe
MW under construction
MW under development

Merbette - ​Energizing t​he ​g​reen ​​transformation with ​energy storage

The first Q ENERGY battery energy storage ​solution​ is currently being built as a stand-alone solution on the site of the Emile Huchet power plant in north-eastern France. The project is part of a comprehensive green transformation of the previously fossil-fuelled power plant by its owner GazelEnergie. With a size of 35 MW and a capacity of 44 MWh, ​ this energy storage solution is poised to revolutionize the region's power dynamics. To put this into perspective, ​the battery system will store ​an amount of electricity equivalent to the daily consumption of approximately ​10,000 people in France. Once the 24 battery containers are operational, this energy storage system will be one of the largest in the country.


​Optimizing​ ​​green ​e​nergy ​synergy​

Q ENERGY ​takes a pioneering approach by seamlessly integrating various green energy sources. Our strategy involves the harmonious fusion of ​wind farms, solar power plants and ​cutting-edge ​battery energy storage systems wherever possible. This means that surplus energy from our green power plants can simply be stored temporarily until the demand for it rises again at a different time of the day. Producing green electricity and feeding into the grid are thus decoupled in time. Fluctuations due to changes in solar radiation or wind conditions can be smoothed out by our hybrid projects, thereby stabilising the grid. But this is just one of the many strengths of our battery​ energy​ storage systems.

Greater flexibility​ unleashed:​ BESS​ in modern energy solutions

​​Embracing​ energy storage solutions ​ushers in a spectrum of advantages, fostering a ​more sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy system. Their main function is to balance electricity supply and demand and to stabilise the grid by providing a constant and reliable source of electricity. BESS can instantly balance fluctuations in the grid and manage peak loads, reducing the risk of blackouts and brownouts. 

Battery energy storage systems also enable participation in capacity markets, efficient congestion and peak load management for consumption and generation. They also enable arbitrage in the energy market, allowing more strategic use of stored energy resources. 

In addition, BESS can serve as an important black start and backup solution to ensure the reliability and resilience of the grid in times of disturbance or emergency.

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