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Renewable energies are the path to the future of energy supply - also and especially for cities and municipalities. Nevertheless, the projects are a challenge because they are always joint projects involving the interaction of numerous interest groups and complex local characteristics. We therefore work with you to develop customised projects that create added value for all stakeholders and are in line with your economic and sustainability goals. We support you in reducing your ecological footprint and making your municipality fit for the energy transition! We will be happy to show you how your municipality can benefit from a range of economic advantages, e.g. in terms of tax and lease income as well as infrastructural measures.

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Renewable energy projects are an essential element in the fight against climate change. But they also offer highly attractive investment opportunities. With an increasingly supportive regulatory environment and competitive prices, they offer attractive and sustainable return potential for investors. In our cooperation with investors, our top priority is to work with you to create value that meets your expectations, while delivering an excellent ROI. In doing so, our integrated approach to the realisation of our projects gives you the security you need for your investment. Curious? Get in touch!

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Join the energy transition and increase the value of your land by leasing it to us for the construction of a solar solution, a wind farm or a hybrid power plant with a connected energy storage system. Our lease agreements provide you financial benefits. In continuous dialogue, we ensure that the project is tailored to your individual requirements, is economically profitable and represents a true win-win situation for both parties. For farmers, we also offer agrivoltaic solutions to combine the agricultural use of your land with the production of green energy. At the end of the lease period, we guarantee the complete renaturation of your land. Want to learn more?

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Q ENERGY offers various cooperation opportunities for farmers. On the one hand, we are constantly looking for unused agricultural land for the implementation of various renewable energy projects. In this area, Farmers can make more out of their land through attractive rental income while at the same time contributing to the energy transition. On the other hand, we offer targeted partnerships for the planning and implementation of agrivoltaic projects. With us, you can plan and implement exactly the solution that meets your individual needs and helps you to optimally manage your land. Would you like to know more? Find out more here!

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Industry & Commerce

For European industry, increasing cost of energy is a real challenge and a competitive disadvantage, as it causes continuously rising costs that can only be passed on to end customers to a limited extent. With Q ENERGY, you can simultaneously increase your company's competitiveness and achieve your ESG goals by switching to renewable energies. Our CPPAs - Corporate Power Purchase Agreements - provide the planning security you need for your business through fixed electricity price agreements. Would you like to know more?

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