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Investing in renewable energy – with Q ENERGY​​

Renewable energy projects are an essential element in the battle against climate change​ and present attractive investment opportunities​. With an increasingly supportive regulatory environment and competitive prices, the​se​ projects ​offer​ sustainable investment opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns.


​​​Enhanced renewable energy investments​​

Q ENERGY partners with investors to create mutual value​ with our innovative and high-quality renewable energy projects​. We oversee the entire development process of our projects, secure state of the art construction with high quality components and ensure that our projects meet and exceed ESG standards. Thus, we enhance operating and financial performance for you.​ ​​Our flexible investment and financing options include​ full or partial project sales, public, private, or corporate investments​, catering to a diverse investor base​.

​​Your bankable partner for renewable energy projects​​

​​As a​ reliable partner ​in various​ renewable energy technologies, ​including​ solar, wind and storage​ – Q ENERGY offers the stability and security essential for renewable energy investments. Our direct affiliation with​ the Global Fortune 500 company Hanwha Group​ underlines our​ financial ​stability​ and ​commitment to​ growing ​a ​green energy project​ portfolio​ across Europe.​

​​​Integrated approach for optimized investment returns

Our integrated ​project​ realisation​ approach​ provides ​investors​ with ​confidence in their renewable energy investment​. Together with you, we strive for the highest yields and an outstanding ROI. We take care of every detail along the entire value chain of our project and strive to create mutual value – for our valued investors, the involved communities and our company.

​​​Trust in Q ENERGY's expertise​​

Rely on 20 years of experience and our diverse expertise in the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector. Q ENERGY is the reliable partner for your green energy investment.

Our experts have over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of more than 2.5 GW of successfully completed renewable energy projects. We ensure fast planning, construction, and the earliest commercial operation dates of your project. Contact us to find out more about a possible cooperation that will meet your expectations!