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Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen for a carbon-neutral economy

Shifting the global energy landscape from largely fossil to clean energy​ carriers, such as green hydrogen,​ is ​a critical​​ ​challenge ​for ​humanity. ​Consequently,​ th​e​​ transition towards green hydrogen​ is ​a vital element in​ Europe’s ambitious plans to become climate-neutral by 2050. Fossil energy sources must be replaced by new, renewable alternatives in all areas of our lives. While the electrification of heating and mobility is already underway, there are industries where it’s not so easy. This is where green hydrogen comes into play as a flexible and sustainable energy carrier that can replace natural gas in the future. 

​​Leveraging ​our experience and expertise in renewable energy, Q ENERGY is therefore planning projects to accelerate the introduction of green hydrogen systems. Several teams in different markets at Q ENERGY are working hard on solutions and collaborations in the field of green hydrogen. Solar power plants, wind farms and energy storage systems will play an important role in supplying Europe's growing electrolysis capacity with clean energy.

Cooperating ​for the green hydrogen innovation

Q ENERGY​, a pivotal ​part of the global Hanwha Solutions Group​, leverages this ​connection ​to foster ​synergies in ​renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on green hydrogen​. Hanwha Solutions is a leading player in the energy, chemicals and materials industries, and aims to provide sustainable solutions in all its business areas. In addition to sustainable energy generation, green hydrogen is one of Hanwha Solutions' focus areas.

Green hydrogen: Revolutionizing industrial power supply

​​Green hydrogen solutions ​are set to​ play a key role in the decarbonisation of industries ​traditionally​ ​dependent​​ ​on oil or natural gas​.​ ​Industries​ such as refineries and chemical, metallurgy, food and glass industries​ will need green hydrogen in order to decarbonize their production processes.​


The advantages of green hydrogen for industry​​

​​Adopting green hydrogen offers two fundamental benefits for these industries:

  • Stable energy price over time​

    Green hydrogen provides a more predictable and stable energy cost, unlike the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels.
  • Low carbon footprint​​​

    The use of green hydrogen significantly reduces the carbon footprint of these industries, aligning with global carbon reduction goals and sustainability initiatives.

Transforming​ the transport sector​ with green hydrogen

​​The introduction of green hydrogen to the transport sector heralds a new era of sustainable logistics. Q ENERGY is closely monitoring this business field, which holds many opportunities for a greener logistics sector.

  • Zero​ local pollution​

    Green hydrogen fuels contribute to a cleaner environment by eliminating pollutants.
  • Long-term energy autonomy

    Green hydrogen offers a sustainable and dependable energy source, enhancing the energy autonomy of the transport sector.
  • Rapid ​Refuelling Capabilities

    Vehicles powered by green hydrogen can be refuelled in under 5 minutes, comparable to traditional fuelling methods.
  • Stable ​E​nergy ​P​rices​​

    The transport sector benefits from the cost stability of green hydrogen, avoiding the volatility of fossil fuel markets.
  • Significantly reduced ​carbon footprint

    Adopting green hydrogen in transportation drastically lowers carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

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