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Q ENERGY Solutions SE* sets out to change the way we produce, store and consume electricity to ensure a sustainable energy world for future generations and for planet earth!

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The Q ENERGY group of companies – a subsidiary of the listed Korean company Hanwha Solutions Corporation – and the German solar company Lunaco will…


At Q ENERGY we believe that integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into the company’s strategy and day to day operations is a necessity to meet…


Q ENERGY and the Dutch solar developer Tomorrow Energy have entered into an agreement to co-develop 21 solar projects in the Netherlands. The…


Ranking top in the latest French solar tender, Q ENERGY France now has a fixed tariff as well as the planning permit to build a 66 MW floating solar…


Solar energy specialist ENVIRIA and the recently founded green energy group Q ENERGY jointly announced today to have entered into a framework…


The former power plant division of Hanwha Qcells GmbH forms the new Q ENERGY Europe GmbH and will join forces with Q ENERGY France SAS under the…


On June 28 2022, Céline Spitzhorn, Director of Solar at Q ENERGY France, accompanied by representatives of the Chamber of Agriculture Pays de la…



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