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Q ENERGY repowers Souleilla-Corbières wind farm in France

  • After reaching its anticipated operating lifespan, the Souleilla-Corbières wind farm is currently undergoing repowering by Q ENERGY.
  • 99,4% of the wind farm’s components have been recycled or reused.
  • The reconstruction of the farm is ongoing, and it is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2023.
  • Repowering is part of Q ENERGY’s strategy for mature wind markets, like France or Germany as well as an attractive option for communities and investors alike.

Paris/Berlin, 1 June 2023. Built by Q ENERGY in 1999 and commissioned in 2001, the Souleilla-Corbières wind farm is a landmark in the history of renewable energy in France. After 22 years of service, it has been undergoing repowering since the summer of 2022.

The Souleilla-Corbières site will see its total installed capacity increase by over 15% whilst maintaining the same number, position, and dimensions of wind turbines.

Located in the exclusion zone of a French weather radar, the wind farm could not accommodate larger turbines. However, thanks to the installation of more recent technologies, the 16 new 80-meter wind turbines will produce approximately 71 GWh annually, compared to 60 GWh/year for their predecessors. An increase in capacity that will provide more than 4750 additional people with clean, green energy.

99,4% of the farm’s components recycled or reused

ENERGY has chosen to apply the principles of circular economy by promoting the reuse, recycling, and upgrading of all components of the farm at the end of their life. 100% of the site's steel has been reprocessed and reused. Components of the wind turbines were sold as spare parts, pieces of the blades were given to a local artist or sold to create innovative furniture. All the concrete from the foundations was removed. One third will be reused in the foundations of the new turbines, while the rest has been used by a local construction company in the building of an industrial platform.

Q ENERGY, pioneer of repowering in France

With nearly 150 MW authorized, more than 400 MW under development and 5 repowering partnerships signed, Q ENERGY has become one of the pioneers in the repowering of wind farms in France. Following this very first one, 4 new projects are already set to be launched between 2023 and 2024 for a total installed capacity of 56 MW. The repowering of the Souleilla-Corbières site is thus emblematic of Q ENERGY's new role as a technical leader in repowering. A know-how that will soon be used on a large scale.

"For Q ENERGY, the repowering of existing wind farms is a crucial part for the further expansion of renewable energies. The Souleilla-Corbières wind farm proves that this does not necessarily require larger turbines. New and more efficient technology can even generate a substantial energy increase if their size remains the same. Given the scarcity of land in France and some other European countries, repowering is an attractive option for communities, operators and investors alike”, said Jean-François PETIT, General Manager at Q ENERGY France.



Q ENERGY is Europe’s provider of holistic solutions around green energy power plants – a trusted partner of clients across the entire value chain of renewable energy downstream projects – from solar-PV, to on- and off-shore wind projects, to storage solutions and hybrid power plants, all the way to engaging in green hydrogen projects. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Q ENERGY comprises three companies: Q ENERGY Solutions SE (Holding), Q ENERGY Europe GmbH (Berlin) and Q ENERGY France SAS (Avignon). Building on 20+ years of experience and a substantial development portfolio, Q ENERGY is well established in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, while currently expanding its business to the Netherlands, the UK, and Italy. Further European countries will follow. Together with its independent and renowned sister company Qcells, Q ENERGY forms the energy division of its mother company and top-tier Korean enterprise Hanwha Solutions Corporation.


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