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Who we are

Our story


Our story started 23 years ago on the French market. In 1999, a joint venture between the French wind energy developer Eole Technologie - a pioneer in wind power in France since 1995 - and the RES Group (Renewable Energy Systems) - a leader in the renewable sector for more than 40 years - lead to the creation of the company EOLE-RES, which rapidly became a leading name in the renewables field in France. EOLE-RES became RES in 2004, when the British company became the sole shareholder.

In October 2021, the RES Group sold the development and construction platform of the French business to the Korean group, Hanwha Solutions, committed to developing sustainable solutions for the planet.

Today, we are called Q ENERGY France, a multi-renewable energy player with more than 1.6 GW developed and/or built in France. Our portfolio of projects under development is over 5 GW and we have a committed team of more than 200 professionals dedicated to the development of sustainable energy solutions.