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Renewable energy, an asset for the development of your community

You want to take a stance for the energy transition? Yes, but how? Today, your community has a role to play in contributing to our energy independence.  A renewable energy project is not only a project which produces clean, green energy, but is a true community project, at the heart of a chessboard of actors and complex local specificities.

Let's act together for the energy transition of your community!   

Because a renewable energy project cannot be reduced to the sole issue of land ownership but must be articulated at different levels and requires an overall vision. 
Because a successful project brings together all the local actors, creating new synergies.  

Because we want a project that has real relevance, that is consistent with the political vision of local actors and that participates in local development and the strategic trajectory of the territory. 

The benefits of a renewable energy project for your community:

Generate economic and fiscal benefits

A renewable energy project contributes significantly to local development through:

  • Rent: the land on which the wind turbines or solar farms are located is rented from the owners, who receive financial compensation in return. 
  • Taxes: in addition to property taxes and the contribution to the added value, local authorities receive a specific tax on electricity production facilities: the Fixed Tax on Network Companies (IFER). 
  • The creation of jobs and local economic activities: particularly during the construction phase of a project: earthworks, concrete, grid connection; these are just a few examples of works that are entrusted to companies located in the immediate vicinity of our projects.  
  • Local investment: we give local authorities the opportunity to become directly involved in the development, construction and operation of our projects by investing in the project companies. In that way, communities can become producers of green electricity and benefit from associated profits.
  • Crowdfunding: we offer residents the opportunity to invest directly in wind farms and photovoltaic plants built near their homes. These investments, with a return of up to 7%, are both ultra-competitive and allow residents to contribute directly to the development of their region.
  • Enhancing the value of the territory: We get involved in charity, environmental, educational and sports projects in the areas where our projects are located and we develop, in partnership with local authorities, communication tools adapted to the territory.

How will we work together?

Projects that are part of a long-term development strategy for the communities 

Elected officials are the main actors of the energy transition as they have to create planning documents (PLU, SCoT, PCAET, SCoT-AEC) that implement the objectives of the fight against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity. Our projects can contribute to your actions for the climate and anticipate a long-term vision of the development of renewable energies in your communities.

Take matters into your own hands! We want to hear more about your vision, the needs of your community and the land you have identified as the most suitable for the development of these projects. 

Co-constructed projects adapted to local context   

We want to involve you from the very start in the development of these projects through an ongoing dialogue, either in informal meetings, with the members of the council or in public meetings. Every important decision will be discussed with you. We provide support from the beginning to the end of the value chain, with particular attention paid to the dismantling scenarios of the wind turbines, which we cover and which we can adapt to your needs.

Gérard Lucien, Mayor of Treilles (Aude)


"A new generation of machines benefiting from the latest technology to improve production will shortly replace the current wind turbines. Thus, the Souleilla wind farm will be able to contribute more effectively to the national objectives concerning the production of renewable energy. For our municipality, this repowering operation means we will be able to carry on contributing to the "good life in Treilles" by financing more projects, always aimed at improving the everyday life of our constituents, all generations included.”

Do you want to benefit from a renewable energy project in your community?

Develop degraded or barren land?

Invest in the energy transition?


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