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Add value to your land while participating actively in the energy transition!

We can help you increase the value of your land by renting it from you to install a solar or wind farm. We will draw up a lease agreement that will guarantee you financial benefits. Several meetings prior to the signature of the lease will allow us to understand each other's objectives, to adjust the project as well as possible and to ensure that we have covered all issues and the legal framework of the project.

Are you unsure? We can provide you with free pre-feasibility studies that will allow you to assess the relevance of developing a renewable energy project on your land. We will consider all areas of land, sizing the project according to the relevance of the site, the type of project and the local context.

Moreover, many wind farms are located in forested areas. The implementation of a wind farm can be a way to diversify your income (payment of rent) but also to develop your forest. The turbine platforms and roads that we build can be used to optimize the exploitation of your forest and will remain your property at the end of the exploitation of the renewable energy plant, if you wish.

Do you want to increase the value of your land?

Invest in the energy transition? 


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