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Diversify the benefits of your farms!

As a farmer, you are confronted first and foremost with the challenges of climate change. How can you protect your crops from hail or regulate extreme temperatures that affect your yields?  

Photovoltaic panels, in synergy with your crops, can be a solution to adapt your farming activity to climate change. Thus, you combine complementary uses on the same space, between breeding, agricultural production, energy and adapting to the increasingly frequent climatic upheavals. You will receive an annual rent that will help support the overall project of your farm. 

To help materialize these projects, we are constantly seeking to innovate through prototypes such as photovoltaic aviaries, hops cultivation in synergy with photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic hydroponics to better meet your needs.

Do you want to diversify the benefits of your farms?

Invest in the energy transition?  

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