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Wind energy


Onshore Wind

Wind is an unlimited, free, and renewable resource. Wind energy is now an integral part of the French energy transition strategy and represents one of the cheapest decarbonized energies.

Q ENERGY, a leading player, covering the entire value chain of a wind power project

With 23 years of experience in the field of renewable energies in France and thanks to our in-house skills, we offer a complete range of services including site identification, development, engineering, construction, operation, dismantling and repowering of onshore wind projects. 

wind farms in operation
developed and/or built
homes supplied with clean electricity
portfolio of wind projects under development

Our services

Our teams master all the technical, regulatory, and environmental issues required for the lifecycle of a wind farm.


From site identification…

Our highly skilled “new project” teams use cutting edge tools created in house, plus state-of-the-art meteorological and mapping studies to identify potential sites with the best natural resources and suitable grid connections.

Followed by environmental and landscape studies...

We work with the best independent environmentalists to analyse the environmental and biodiversity implications in a defined area, to fine-tune our approach.
We pay particular attention to the landscape integration of our projects and systematically work with independent experts to carry out specific heritage and landscape studies.

While ensuring a transparent and fair local consultation process...

Our territorial experts and project managers meet with all the landowners and farmers concerned by the potential location of the future wind farm, as well as with local elected officials and residents. Through this consultation process, we guarantee local stakeholders their involvement in the development of the project, and total transparency in our relations.

Up to the Construction Phase…

The feasibility of a wind farm requires a thorough civil and electrical engineering analysis.
Our dedicated Engineering and Construction team has all the necessary skills to manage the whole construction phase of a project.  We carry out all tenders for insurance contracts, technical controls, health and safety, as well as the supervision and coordination of subcontractors in the process of construction, installation and connection of the wind turbines. 
These steps, which last between 12 and 18 months, require flawless logistics and coordination. Our team is present throughout the construction period to ensure the monitoring of the work, the installation and the commissioning of the turbines.

And finally, operations:

We ensure the follow-up of the wind farms from their commissioning to their dismantling or repowering. We coordinate the smooth running of operations and maintenance activities, as well as the verification of appropriate safety conditions, particularly with our subcontractors working on the wind farms.


“Repowering", a real opportunity for ageing wind farms (portfolio addition)

Repowering is the renewal of a wind farm. Repowering can occur either at the end of the theoretical life of the wind farm (20-25 years) or once the initial feed-in tariff with EDF OA expires.

With a portfolio of over 220 MW currently under development in France, Q ENERGY France is undoubtedly a pioneer in the renewal of wind farms.

As a wind farm developer, we know the legislative context, but also the local and environmental issues that must be considered to evaluate of the benefits of repowering.

Consult our 2022 Repowering Handbook to learn more. 


Who benefits from a repowering project?

Local communities: 

  • It can lead to increased compensatory landscape and environmental measures,
  • It ensures an increase of tax benefits,
  • It offers more recent and powerful technologies, reducing the number of turbines.

Asset owners: 

  • It increases the capacity of a wind farm helping to attain the objectives of the French Pluriannual Energy Program,
  • It offers the possibility to rethink the wind farm and its integration in the surrounding context, potentially very different from the one initially developed,
  • It reduces maintenance and operating costs while increasing the availability of wind turbines,
  • It ensures a higher feed-in tariff (post EDF OA contract) and especially less volatile,
  • It guarantees the profitability of an asset over the long term.

Discover our wind farms:

North of France

Vieille Carrière wind farm, 12MW, North of France, operational since 2017


South of France

Marsanne wind farm, 12 MW, south of France, operational since 2008


Côte d’Or

Portes de la Côte d'Or Wind Farm, 54MW, Côté d'Or. Largest onshore wind farm in the Burgundy region when commissioned in 2016


Nouvelle Aquitaine

Berceronne wind farm, 9MW, currently under construction and our first wind farm in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in the West of France


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