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Offshore wind


Offshore wind, both bottom-fixed and floating, is one of the major sectors being developed to accelerate the energy transition in France. The country has the second largest offshore wind potential in Europe after the UK. The Multiannual Energy Plan (PPE) forecasts an installed capacity of between 5.2 and 6.2 GW of offshore wind by 2028.


A historical player on the French market

Q ENERGY is positioned as a major player in the development of offshore wind energy in France.

We benefit from a solid experience in the development of renewable energy projects thanks to 23 years presence in the French market. We have been active in the offshore wind sector since 2005 and were members - as RES - of the Ailes Marines consortium from 2012 to 2020. We co-developed the offshore wind farm off the coast of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, the project that was the subject of the first call for tenders for offshore wind power in France.

Our teams of experts integrate all the environmental, territorial, and regulatory skills required to develop an offshore wind farm.

Expertise and territorial approach

Consultation is at the heart of our approach: by establishing a close dialogue with all the stakeholders, we are committed to developing true community projects adapted to local issues, respectful of the environment, biodiversity and uses of the sea.

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Océole: an alliance for floating wind

A partnership with unique added value

In 2021, Q ENERGY France joined forces with Equinor, the world's leading developer of floating wind projects, to form the Océole partnership with the aim of responding to calls for tenders for French floating wind. This partnership is supported by the renewable energy financial advisory firm Green Giraffe.

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