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Energy storage is now a critical focus for the energy transition and an operational reality for grid operators as well as major utilities and consumers.

Battery storage is a mature technology that is no longer limited to the field of research and innovation.

Q ENERGY France builds safe, efficient, and cost-effective storage systems that can offer our customers a multitude of flexibility services simultaneously and in a complementary way.

Our Projects

In 2020, we secured contracts for two energy storage in the long-term Call for Tender launched by the French grid operator, RTE, for a total of 60 MW:

  • A 30 MW project for the period 2021-2027,
  • A 30 MW project for the period 2022-2028.

What is the purpose of energy storage?

Energy storage can provide multiple services to make the most of its flexibility:

  • System services (real-time supply-demand balance of the national grid),
  • Capacity market,
  • Congestion management,
  • Peak shaving of consumption or production,
  • Arbitrage on the energy market,
  • Black-start and back-up system.

Storage therefore has many advantages in meeting the needs of consumers and producers:

  • Additional revenues (system services, capacity market),
  • Optimisation of connection infrastructure,
  • Optimisation of electricity selling prices,
  • Security of supply.

Q ENERGY masters the entire project development cycle in France, from land management to market valuation strategy. 

As an integrator independent of any technology provider, we customise our storage solutions to meet the services required by each client by capitalising on our expertise in the development, engineering, financing and construction of renewable energy projects. 

To meet the specific requirements of each project and client, we use only high performance, long-life batteries from leading suppliers.

To find out more about our solutions, please contact us: