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Professional equality at Q ENERGY France


As part of our gender equality policy, we are proud to announce Q ENERGY France's score on the Professional Equality Index:

Our score for the fiscal year 2020/2021 is 99/100.

For our company this index takes into account 4 metrics:

  • Pay gap (average by age group and gender): 39/40
  • Differences in the number of people who received a raise by gender: 35/35          
  • Percentage of female employees receiving raises after maternity leave: 15/15
  • Number of employees of the underrepresented gender in the top 10: 10/10

This reflects our good practices in the application of our compensation policy, our desire to encourage diversity in our recruitment and our support for the promotion of women to management positions.

Our commitment to professional equality between women and men continues each year and we can highlight in 2021 the signing and implementation of a company agreement on Professional Equality including an ambitious action plan and awareness-raising actions for our employees (for example: awareness of gender bias).