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Renewable energy – added value for your community

Interested in getting involved in the energy transition but don't know how? At the same time, you want to make your community fit for the future, sustainable and modern? One thing is certain:  Your municipality can make a significant contribution to Europe's energy independence.

A renewable energy project is not just a project to produce clean, green energy, but a true community project that is at the heart of an interplay of multiple stakeholders and complex local circumstances.

Take action together – for the energy shift in your city!

Renewable energy projects do not end at the property boundary, nor do they end with the commissioning of the plant. Rather, it is about bringing together all local stakeholders at an early stage and working to create new synergies right from the start. That is why they require an overall vision and a holistic approach. We strive for projects that are sustainably successful and create added value for all stakeholders. Projects, that are in line with the political vision of the local actors and that fit into the strategic direction of the area. Therefore, we see ourselves as a sustainable and long-term partner for the local stakeholders – municipalities and authorities as well as private landowners, interest groups and citizens.

Benefits for your community:

Generating economic and fiscal benefits

A green power generation plant contributes significantly to local development through:

  • Rental: The land on which wind turbines or photovoltaic parks are built is leased from the owners, who receive an attractive financial compensation in return.
  • Taxes: In addition to property tax and VAT, the territories receive a specific tax for electricity generation plants: the flat-rate tax for electricity companies. 
  • Creation of jobs and local economic activities (especially during the construction phase of a project): earthworks, delivery of concrete and connection to the public grid are just a few examples of measures that are transferred to companies.
  • Local Investment: We give local communities the opportunity to participate directly in the development, construction and operation of our power plants by investing in the project companies. In this way, local authorities have the opportunity to become producers of green power themselves and earn the associated profits.
  • Enhancement of the territory: We engage systematically in community, environmental, educational and sport initiatives in our projects areas and develop communication tools tailored to the territory in partnership with local authorities.

How will our cooperation look like?

Projects that are part of a long-term development strategy for your municipality:

Elected officials are key actors in the energy transition as they have to prepare planning documents that implement the goals of fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity. Our projects can contribute to your actions for the climate and anticipate a long-term vision for renewable energy development in your communities. Take matters into your own hands! We want to know more about your vision, the needs of your community and the areas you consider most suitable for developing these projects.

Sustained cooperation for mutual benefits

We aim to involve you in the development of these projects from the outset by maintaining an ongoing dialogue, either in informal meetings, with political decision makers or in public meetings. Every important decision is discussed with you. We support you from the beginning to the end of the value chain, with particular attention to the wind turbine decommissioning scenarios we cover, which we can tailor to your needs.

Would you like to benefit from a renewable energy project in your community? Use disadvantaged or barren land? Invest in the energy transition?


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