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Increase the value of your property and drive the energy transition forward!

Increase the value of your land by leasing it for the construction of a solar or wind farm. Our lease agreements guarantee financial benefits for you. Several meetings before the signature allow us to fully understand each other's goals, fine-tune the project and ensure that we have considered all issues as well as the legal framework. We remain at your side as a partner during the construction and operation of the plant.

We are happy to support you with free feasibility studies to assess the suitability and potential profitability of your property. We examine all properties and size the project according to the suitability of the site, the type of project and the local conditions.

Would you like to increase the value of your property and invest in the energy transition?


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Unlock the potential of your land for a sustainable and profitable future! Explore our Lead Acquisition Tool to discover the green energy project possibilities for your land.


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