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Rising energy costs are an increasing competitive disadvantage for European companies. Q ENERGY offers solutions to simultaneously increase your company's competitiveness and sustainability – by switching to green energy.

With so-called CPPAs – Corporate Power Purchase Agreements between renewable energy producers and industrial & commercial consumers, you can counteract the constantly rising energy prices. This new type of contract offers you the opportunity to conclude long-term contracts with a guaranteed fixed price for electricity over 15 to 20 years. With Q ENERGY, you always know where and how the energy for your success is being generated and can always rely on using 100% environmentally friendly and green electricity.


The advantages of a CPPA are manifold:

  • Sustainability: Meet your company's climate protection targets and actively participate in the energy transition.
  • Energy procurement: Ensure transparency and secure your purchases with long-term prices - this way you can also diversify your purchasing portfolio.
  • Public relations / communication: Make your sustainability strategy visible to your stakeholders.
  • Finance: Competitive tariffs for the purchase of your electricity.


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