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Increase the yield of your farm!

As a farmer, you are particularly faced with the challenges of climate change. How can you protect your fields from hail or regulate the extreme temperatures that could potentially endanger your harvests?

In synergy with your fields, photovoltaic systems can be a solution to adapt your agricultural activity to climate change. In this way, you create an area for multiple uses: animal breeding, agricultural production and energy generation. In addition, you are armed against increasingly frequent climate fluctuations and receive an annual rent that helps to support your farm.

Political support for the so called Agri-PV is rising across Europe: France and Germany are only two countries, which see the multiple advantages of photovoltaic systems on farmland: no additional areas are needed, the systems unfold positive effects for the farmers and accelerate the energy transition. That´s why they have included Agri-PV into their renewable energy expansion strategies. Now is the time think about getting future ready with a PV-system on your farmland.

Would you like to increase the yield of your farm and invest in the energy transition? 


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