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Wind energy produces clean and affordable electricity that everyone in the region benefits from and that is available independently from the time of the day. Wind energy is established and cost-attractive and will thus be instrumental for the European energy transition. Only a balanced mix of solar and wind energy, coupled with battery storage and, in the future, green hydrogen, can ensure a sustainable supply of green electricity.

The construction of onshore and offshore wind farms requires extensive planning expertise and a strong technical and commercial knowledge. Our sister company Q ENERGY France has more than 20 years of experience in the planning and realisation of wind power plants in France. With Q ENERGY Europe, we are expanding our on- and off-shore wind activities to the markets in Germany Spain and Portugal. At our company, experienced and specialised experts work together in dedicated teams for the implementation of new wind power projects.


Holistic solutions and sustainable local partnerships

At Q ENERGY Europe, we see ourselves as a partner who strives for holistic and profitable solutions for all stakeholders. Only through working together can we advance the energy transition in Europe.

Q ENERGY Europe covers the entire value chain of wind projects: we take care of the site search and arrange the use of suitable land. In doing so, we see ourselves as a long-term partner of landowners and municipalities as well as local citizens. While managing the detailed planning of the wind park, we keep an eye on all important aspects and local regulations such as minimum distances to existing residential areas, traffic routes, transport access routes and the possible grid feed-in.

We address issues of nature conservation and species protection as well as noise and shadow flicker actively and in continuous dialogue with municipalities and the relevant interest groups. Q ENERGY Europe manages the approval process in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and also covers project financing in cooperation with banks and investors.

Finally, Q ENERGY Europe erects the wind park together with experienced and wherever possible regional partners. Within the framework of a service contract, we are also happy to take over the technical and commercial operation of the park. Furthermore, we are also acting as an independent power producer (IPP) and offer the energy supplier via power purchase agreements (PPA). As a sustainable partner of the local stakeholders, we remain available and open for dialogue during the operating period of the plant.

For older wind parks, whose performance level no longer corresponds to the current technical possibilities, we are also happy to take over the repowering.

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