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ESS - Energy Storage Solutions

Battery based energy storage systems are a matured technology that is no longer limited to residential and e-mobility applications. Today, energy storage systems are a more and more common element of renewable energy power plants. So called hybrid-power plants will be an important element to achieve the energy transition as well as a necessity for grid operators, utilities and consumers alike.

As a full service provider of large scale renewable energy solutions, Q ENERGY Europe utilizes safe, efficient and cost-effective storage systems, offering a wide range of flexible services.


Why energy storage?

Energy storage systems increase your flexibility:

  • System services (real-time supply-demand balance of the national grid)
  • Capacity market
  • Congestion management
  • Peak shaving of consumption or production
  • Arbitrage on the energy market
  • Black-start and back-up system

Advantages for producers, grid operators, utilities and comsumers:

  • Additional revenue (system services, capacity market)
  • Optimisation of connection infrastructure
  • Optimisation of electricity sales prices
  • Security of supply


As an independent provider of storage systems, we tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each individual project and partner by leveraging our broad expertise in all stages of renewable energy projects – from development and permission, to engineering and construction, to financing solutions and operations of renewable energy projects.

We only use high-performance, long-life electricity storage systems from leading suppliers to meet the specific requirements of each client's project.

To learn more about our Energy Storage Solutions, please contact us: